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No one does power equipment like Ace! We carry various mowers, blowers, edgers, chainsaws, tillers, snow throwers and everything else in between! We’ve got all the outdoor power equipment you’ll need to keep your garden & yard cut, trimmed and looking beautiful. We have certified, licensed technicians on staff to help you find the right tool you’re looking for.

If it’s broken, don’t throw it away—with a full service small engine repair site on location, bring it in and have one of our skilled staff members service your machine, tool or engine so that it is like new again!


Power sources for lawn and garden power equipment fall into three categories: gasoline engines, electric motors and battery-powered electric motors. For smaller equipment, the convenience of cordless operation is a major feature. Not only has extended battery life contributed to the popularity of cordless tools, but lightweight gasoline engines on products such as string trimmers allow users to move about freely without the fear of cutting an electrical cord.
Starting cordless units powered by electrical motors is easy, and battery charges will usually last through most typical yard jobs. The unit can be recharged between jobs.

Increasingly, electric motors are being used in a wide range of outdoor power equipment and starter motor applications. Larger power equipment is primarily gasoline powered.


Recoil starters are most widely used, but battery-powered starters have grown in use over the years. The batteries for electric starters can be recharged either with chargers that connect to electrical wall outlets or with electrical chargers built into the engine, which recharge the battery while the engine is operating.

Battery voltage may be 6V or 12V, and the number of starts possible depends on the battery amperage rating and the output of the engine charger.
The convenience and reliability of electric starters are features. Electric starters may add $50 or more to the retail selling price of a walk-behind mower and as much as $150 to the price of a tractor.


Gasoline engines are available in two- and four-stroke cycle constructions. The four operating functions are intake, compression, power and exhaust stroke. In two-cycle engines, compression and power are combined in one cycle, and exhaust and intake are the second cycle.
A four-cycle engine uses valves and a two-cycle engine utilizes intake and exhaust ports. Lubrication for two-stroke cycle engines comes from the oil being mixed with the gasoline. The four-stroke cycle uses a reservoir.
Two-cycles are easy to start, but speed regulation is usually limited. Some models have fuel primers for easier starting.

*Stihl brand not carried at our South Academy location.